Membership Information

 Membership is from 1 January to 31 December and must be renewed on an annual basis in conjunction with the Association Membership Chair Secretary or your Branch.  National dues are $25 per year for a Member or Supporting Member.  Dues for a spouse or partner are $10 per year.   They are due 1 January and must be paid by 31 March or earlier each year.  Branches add a local fee to cover their internal costs.  Serving Patricia’s do not pay dues, as they already contribute to the Regimental Fund and can be a member of the nearest Branch.

PPCLI Association Membership Information


There are 13 Branches across Canada as follows:

Atlantic which includes the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland

            Ottawa, ON                                                                Kingston, ON

            South West Ontario                                                    Manitoba and North Western Ontario

            Saskatchewan                                                             Wainwright, AB

            Edmonton, AB                                                            Calgary, AB

            Cypress Hill, AB                                                        Fraser Valley and Vancouver, BC

            Victoria, BC                                                               Vancouver Mid Island

            E Members or Virtual Branch

Classes of Membership

There are four classes of Membership: Member, Supporting, Spousal and E-Member


  • Released, retired or serving members of the PPCLI
  • Released, retired or serving members of the CF who have been posted or attached to, or have served with, a unit of the PPCLI


  • As a voting member, each member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members
  • Welcome to attend Association and Branch functions and activities
  • Will receive an electronic copy of the Association Newsletter published twice annually

Supporting Member

  • Direct Descendant of a Patricia and is 18 years of age or older
  • The parents of a Patricia
  • Those who have made a significant contribution to the Association and who have applied or been nominated by two members, and whose membership has been approved by the Board of Directors
  • Supporting members may not be spousal members and cannot sponsor a spousal member


Spousal Member

  • The spouse or partner of an eligible member (living or deceased)
  • A spousal member has all the privileges of a full member, including voting
  • The spousal member pays a reduced rate of $10 for annual National association dues


  • Welcome to attend Branch functions and activities
  • Will receive an electronic copy of the Association Newsletter published twice annually

Should there not be a branch nearby, or for some reason an individual should not wish to join a geographic branch, then they may join the association as an e-member – thus joining the virtual e-branch

E- Member

The e-member has the privileges of their class of membership, either member or supporting member

Additional Membership Types (Branch, e-Member, Spousal)

Within the Member Class, there may either be Branch Member or e-Members. A Branch Member may also coincidentally be a Spousal Member. Within the Supporting Member Class, there may be either Branch Members and e-Members, but not Spousal Members (by definition, see Requirements for each above).

 Branch Member.  

  • A Branch Member is a Member or Supporting Member who is also a Member of one of the 14 geographic Branches of the Association. In order to support their activities, Branches will charge dues in addition to those paid to the Association. These dues support local functions, and may also go towards paying for of flowers and wreaths, or for other purposes decided by the Branch Members.

  • The geographic Branches are: Atlantic, Calgary, Cypress Hills, Edmonton, Fraser Valley, Kingston, Manitoba/NW Ontario, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, SW Ontario, Vancouver/Mid-Island, Vancouver, Victoria, and Wainwright.

  • An interactive map showing the Branches and how to make contact with them can be found under the main membership menu

Should there not be a Branch nearby, or should for some reason an individual not wish to join a geographic Branch, then they may join the Association as an e-Member—thus joining the virtual e-Branch.

 e-Member. An e-Member is a Member or Supporting Member who does not belong to a geographic Branch, but whose contact with the Association is primarily by electronic means—together, the e-Members form this virtual e-Branch. The e-Member has the privileges of their Class of Membership, either Member or Supporting Member. Although in theory a Member could be both a Spousal and an e-Member, but as there would be no advantage in doing so, this arrangement will not be accepted.  

Spousal Member. While a Spousal Member is associated with a Member of the Association, he or she is also a Member in their own right, and has all the privileges of a Member, including voting. The Spousal Member pays a lower rate of Association Membership Dues, as they do not receive mailings, including The Patrician, which is a major expense. Supporting Members may not be Spousal Members, nor may Supporting Members sponsor a Spousal Member.

Branch Associate Member. This additional membership does not a grant or imply membership in the PPCLI Association, but may be awarded by a Branch in recognition of a individual’s special relationship with the Branch and its Members. The Branch Associate Member may participate in Branch functions and activities, but may not vote, will not receive Association mailings and will not have access to the PPCLI Association digital private community, Routine Orders. Branches have established their own rules for this membership. Those wishing to become a Branch Associate Member should contact the appropriate Branch President or Secretary. The virtual e-Branch does not have Branch Associate Members.


Membership Dues

The Association Board of Directors sets the amount of Association Membership Dues annually. Branches will establish the amount of additional dues to be paid to be a Member of the Branch. For 2016, annual Association dues are: 

  • Member, Supporting Member, e-Member — $25.00  

  • Spousal Member, e-Member (Basic) — $10.00 

  • Branch Dues – between $10 and $25, as determined by each Branch

Serving Patricias and other eligible CAF members may join the Association as Members. For serving Patricias, Association dues are waived, as they are already contributing to the Regimental Fund. Branches may elect to charge Branch dues should these Members wish to join a Branch rather than joining as e-Members. On retirement, serving soldiers eligible to join the Association are given a complimentary three year membership until the end of that current membership year (i.e. until 31 December of the year of retirement).


Membership dues cover a calendar year, and are payable on 01 January annually. Should a membership not be renewed by payment of annual dues by 31 March of the following year, then the membership will be suspended. The membership will be terminated if dues are not paid by the end of the calendar year. 

Questions Regarding Membership?

Queries regarding Association membership may be directed to the National Secretary at , or to one or the Branch Presidents or Secretaries listed under the interactive map which is accessible above.

Joining the Association

Instructions for joining the Association can be found in the Section entitled Membership Application