The student bursary program was established to provide financial assistance for the purpose of advancing the post-secondary education of applicants.  To be eligible, an applicant must be enrolled with an accredited post-secondary institution.  The bursary awards are applicable to post-secondary students enrolled full-time in university, technical school, community college, or any other accredited degree or diploma granting institution anywhere in the world.  Part-time, correspondence or night school programs are not eligible for subsidization under the PPCLI Association Student Bursary terms of reference

Amount and Number of Bursaries. The number of bursaries per year will be
determined by the HGMF Board of Trustees.

Eligibility. In order to be eligible for a PPCLI Association Student Bursary, you
must be a serving, former or retired member of the Regiment or their spouse, child or grandchild or a member of a PPCLI Cadet Corps. Applicants for a PPCLI Association Student Bursary must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution.

Post-Secondary Institutions. An eligible educational institution is defined as any accredited degree or diploma granting post-secondary institution (i.e. university, community college, or technical school), located anywhere in the world. Distance learning at an accredited institution are eligible for a Student Bursary.

Application Procedure. Applications, at Appendix 1, are available through the
Association Bursary Coordinator at Applications must be received, no later than 15 July, by the PPCLI Association Bursary Coordinator:

  • Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association
    Student Bursary Coordinator
    18004 – 101 St, Edmonton AB T5X 5Z7

Obligation. The bursary recipient(s) must enter the post-secondary institution of
his/her choice in the year of application and maintain a course of study leading to a diploma or degree. Part-time, correspondence, or evening courses are not admissible.  It is the obligation of the recipient to maintain satisfactory progress and to submit the Certification Form to the Association Bursary Coordinator on completion of the year. A Statement of Understanding must be completed prior to the first semester. (Appendixes 2 and 3 will be sent to those selected for a bursary). 

Selection. The HGMF Board of Trustees will use the selection criteria, based on
the applicants’ submission as outlined at Appendix 4 in order to prioritize applicants.

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