Paul Hale

10 Reasons to join the PPCLI Association

1.         Once a Patricia, Always a Patricia.  We are all part of this Regimental family.  Regardless of your background, your length of service or your ‘next bound’.  You will always be a Patricia and welcome in The Association.  Did you know that the Association offers a free three year […]

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LCol Alfred Glynn Pearson, MC, DCM, MID

Alfred Glynn Pearson was born in Staffordshire, England on 16 August 1880 and as a young man emigrated to Canada.  His civilian occupation was a shipping agent and he served for 3 months with the 34th Fort Garry Horse, Winnipeg in 1914.   On 24 December 1914, he volunteered and enlisted […]

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2017 PPCLI Student Bursary Report

General The selection board sat in Wainwright, AB on 27 July 2017. The board consisted of Michael Austdal, Director Bursaries, Jim Croll, Association Treasurer, Major Tony Ross, 3CDTC and MWO Kevin Littlejohn, CMTC. There were 25 applicants, 11 were awarded bursaries for a total of $17,000. This was the greatest […]

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PPCLI Student Bursary

PRINCESS PATRICIA’S CANADIAN LIGHT INFANTRY ASSOCIATION STUDENT BURSARY  The student bursary program was established to provide financial assistance for the purpose of advancing the post-secondary education of applicants.  To be eligible, an applicant must be enrolled with an accredited post-secondary institution.  The bursary awards are applicable to post-secondary students enrolled […]

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