Darcy Parker

Served with 2 PPCLI from 1983 to 1989 when I remustered to CRS Tech.

Special Resolutions

We have added three resolutions to the 2020 AGM Documents page. AGM SPECIAL RESOLUTION 01-20 A Special Resolution, approving a PPCLI Association Mission Statement for use in Regimental and Association documents, AGM SPECIAL RESOLUTION 02-20 A Special Resolution approving, subject to the concurrence of Corporations Canada, an amendment to the […]

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Fundraising for HGMF on Facebook

Nonprofit fundraisers You can create fundraisers on Facebook to benefit the Hamilton Gault memorial Fund. Money raised for nonprofit organizations is paid out to the organization, not a specific person. If the nonprofit chooses to accept donations on Facebook, we cover fees so that 100% of donations made are paid to the […]

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The CHQ from PPCLI Association Casino Funds was presented at the Colonel Belcher in attendance from the Association Jim Croll Rudy Raidt Tom Rockburne Doug Bedford CHQ was presented to the Friend of the Belcher

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Minutes HGMF AGM 7 Aug 19

Minutes of the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Annual General Meeting of the Membership for 7 August 2019 at Saint Albert’s Inn, Saint Albert, Alberta have now been added to the website for your information. Please find the documents under the AGM menu.

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