Application for Membership

Once a Patricia, always a Patricia!

Joining the Association

There are five steps to joining the Association as a Member or as a Supporting Member:  

  1. Completion of the Application Form

  2. Submission of the Application Form

  3. Offer of membership;  

  4. Payment of Dues;  

  5. Acceptance.


Association membership information and lists are treated as protected documents, and your name and any information you provide to the Association will be released only with your permission, or when required under the legal conditions specified in the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Step 1 - Application Form

The Application Form, below, is a fillable form. It may seem that there is a lot of information to be provided, but the details requested are required either for the Association to be compliant with the terms of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, under which the Association in incorporated, or for Association purposes such as the mailing list for The Patrician. It is important to note that by checking the boxes for “Consent to Receive Electronic Documents” and submitting the form, you are considered to be confirming in writing your consent to receive emails and electronic documents from officials of the PPCLI Association.

The fillable form is self-explanatory. Please complete all blocks, or the Application will have to be returned for correction.

You are given an opportunity to apply for both a Class and a Type of Membership: 

  • The Class is either Member or Supporting Member. The prerequisites for both are described above. 

  • In addition, you must be either a Branch Member or an e-Member.  

  • If an e-Member, you can show that you want to receive mailings by indicating that you wish to pay the premium which will cover printing and postal costs.  

  • Spousal Members, who will not receive mailings, must cross-reference the related Member in the Comments section of the Application Form.


Step 2 - Submission of the Form

Should you be applying for an e-Membership, your application will be routed to the National Secretary. Should you be applying for Membership in one of the 14 geographic Branches, you will have the opportunity to select both the Branch and the applicable Branch President or Secretary to whom it will be sent.  

Step 3 – Offer of Membership

When your Application has been processed and accepted, you will be advised, confirmed in the Class and Type of Membership, and be requested to submit your dues.

Step 4 - Payment of Dues

Dues for e-Membership can be paid on-line by credit card or PayPal—instructions can be found below. Payment to Branches for Association and for Branch dues must be by cheque mailed to the Branch Secretary or Treasurer, or by bank e-transfer to Branch Treasurer. Details will be included in the message confirming that the Membership Application has been processed and that Membership is being offered.


Step 5 - Acceptance

When your payment has been received, you will be advised. You will be added to the Membership Roles and to the electronic distribution lists for correspondence. You will also be given instructions to allow you to join the Association private digital community, Routine Orders.