September 14, 2021


by Michael Czuboka, B.A., B.Ed. (Brandon U) & M.A., M.Ed. (U of Manitoba),

Alumnus, 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (1950-l954);

In this my 90th year, four score and 10, at 90, in my recent necessarily caged for health life,

Only my Walker is my constant companion, a powerful mechanical stallion,

My Walker brings me four wheels, a blue steel frame, soft seat and much affection,

She loves me. She follows me everywhere, scolds me about my shrinking girth,

I am given much good food, but no appetite and no mirth, or many memories après birth ,

I do recall Korea’s Patricia’s, and the Battle of Kapyong, where the Chinese tried to kill us, en masse.

They were mowed down by us like freshly mowed grass. Alas! But we did not invite them, Sorry!

I love my family which tries to sustain me. Okay, I do remember them as well as Walkers,

I am classical Tchaikovsky, Mozart, music from operas but very little music by the rockers,

Walker is not a talker about my music or other innards, She resides within my soul’s locker. Olay!