March 4, 2021

Cadet Hat Badges and Shoulder Titles 2021

The PPCLI Association in cooperation with Regimental Headquarters of the PPCLI will continue to provide hat badges and shoulder titles to our 11 PPCLI Cadet Corps.

This programme is intended to show the Corps that we do indeed care about their wellbeing and ensure that all PPCLI cadets are smartly and correctly dressed

Each Corps needs to tell us how many hat badges and shoulder titles they need for new cadets.  We also require you to confirm your correct mailing address. We would expect this list from you sometime in January 2021

We will provide up to 15 hat badges and shoulder titles for each Corps. Obviously if some Corps need less than 15 hat badges and shoulder titles, we can provide a few more to other Corps that need them

When we fill the allocation of 15 hat badges and shoulder titles for each Corps, hat badges and shoulder titles are still for sale from Regimental Headquarters. Cadet Corps may purchase hat badges at cost. That price has not yet been determined for 2021.  We will inform Cadet Corps of this special reduced price for PPCLI Cadets when it is set by the Regimental Kit Shop

We hope that the Corps do not view this as an opportunity to stock their supply shelves but rather to provide for the cadets that they actually have

Questions or concerns should be addressed to me

Dougal Salmon

Vice President

Chairman Cadet Support Committee 250 744 2090