April 8, 2018

10 Reasons to join the PPCLI Association

1.         Once a Patricia, Always a Patricia.  We are all part of this Regimental family.  Regardless of your background, your length of service or your ‘next bound’.  You will always be a Patricia and welcome in The Association.  Did you know that the Association offers a free three year National membership for those released or retired since April 2016?

2.      Volunteer Patricia Program (VPP).  The VPP supports serving, released and retired Patricia’s and their families who need assistance. Since June 2017, they have helped 16 individuals who were either homeless, dealing with extensive medical bills, needed help travelling to medical appointments or needed a fire team partner.  We need more VPP supporters who have the time and energy to help others.

3.       Mental Health and Suicide Awareness. The Association has been aggressively promoting Mental Health and Suicide Awareness.  The 1st workshop was conducted in Edmonton in Oct 17, the 2nd in Victoria 23 – 23 Mar.  Three more workshops are planned for Sep and Oct.  Get involved and attend the workshop so that you can help your brothers and sisters.  Saving even one life makes it all worthwhile.

4.         Education. In 2018, the Association will award 11 Student Bursaries for a total of $21,000.  This program is available to serving, released and retired Patricia’s, including wives, children and grandchildren. Applications must be submitted by 15 July of each year

5.       Support to Veterans and Families.  In 2018 and beyond, the Association will provide financial support to MFRCs Edmonton, Calgary and Shilo, Col Belchner Centre Calgary, Kipness Centre for Veterans Edmonton and Valour Place Edmonton.

6.       Cadets.  Our ‘Farm Team.’  Young people who work hard to perpetuate our Regiment.  The Association provides Regimental hat badges, shoulder flashes and financial support to PPCLI Affiliated Cadet Corps.  Cadets will benefit from your mentorship to the youngest members of the Regimental Family.

7.       Regimental History and Heritage.  Memorials to the fallen are sacred and must be preserved. As part of the 100th, the Association raised $300,000 for Patricia Park in Edmonton, completely refurbished Frezenberg at a cost of $65,000 and Lansdowne, Ottawa at $25,000. Designed and paid for the Memorial Baton.    The Association is responsible for maintaining   Frezenberg, Lansdowne and Patrica Park and other Regimental Memorials.

8.       Regimental Museum.  The Museum preserves our achievements and history and it provides outreach into the civilian community.  They depend on The Association for funding and volunteers. The Association’s funding is important supporting the museum’s operations and outreach.

9.       Fundraising. The Association cannot accomplish the above without money.   Every 18 months, the Calgary Branch volunteers at a Casino which raises between $60-80,000.  The average return on Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund investments is $25,000 per year and a further $10-20,000 is donated by Association members.  With more support, we can have an even greater impact.

10.     Regimental Influence.  There are 14 Branches across Canada and each hold a number of social activities based on the desires of their membership.  They keep the Regimental spirit alive and often assist individuals within their local area. There is no rank in the Association. If a retired or released Pte/Cpl/MCpl, etc.. does not like the way things are going they can voice their opinion and be heard.  Get involved in a Branch and help chart the Way Ahead for the Branch or Association. The Association is not just for ‘Old Geezers.’   It is your Association – get involved and steer it towards activities that interest you.


Serving members can join and those long retired are also welcome!  National dues are $25.00 a year and cover the costs of operating the Association


FIND OUT MORE at: on how to contact your local branch or join as an e-member.

The bottom line is the Regiment needs the Association.  We work behind the scenes, building and protecting your legacy so that the serving component can get on with making history.