May 9, 2017

2016 Student Bursary Recipients

2016 Student Bursary Recipients

The Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund can trace its history back to 1963, when the Association initially established the fund with a goal of raising $25,000.   The revenue from these funds was to be used to assist promising NCOs and soldiers in improving their education.  Over the years, the HGMF has continued to evolve.  One of the main pillars of the HGMF is to

  • Offer bursaries for educational advancement for former members or serving members of the Regiment, their families and members of Cadet Corps affiliated with the PPCLI, to achieve a higher level of academic or technical education

In 2015, the HMGF awarded 12 Student Bursaries for a total of $13,000.  In 2016, 13 Student Bursaries for a total of $16,000 were awarded.  The successful recipients were:

Lauren Dodds – First – Mike Wind Award – $2,000

Lauren is the daughter of Sgt (Ret’d) Rick Dodds and recipient of the Mike Wind Award – $2000.   She is a strong, independent woman who has overcome adversity to achieve the goals she has set for herself in life.  She is attending Sheridan College at the Pilon School of Business faculty.


Jamie Ward – Second – SW Ontario Branch Award – $2000

Jamie served with 1 PPCLI from 2007 to 2010 and completed two tours in Afghanistan with TF 1-08 and 3-09.   In 2010, he transferred to the Canadian Scottish Regiment where he attained the rank of MCpl.  Jamie took his release in 2015 so that he could pursue further education. He has completed two degrees in psychology and biology.  Jamie is a student at the University of Alberta where he intends to graduate as a Medical Doctor before hopefully proceeding to an Emergency Medical specialty.


Maggie Bazdarick – Third – Calgary Branch Award – $2000

Maggie is the granddaughter of Jack LaChance (PPCLI).  She is attending Lakehead University in Political Science and wishes to pursue a career in Law, specifically to champion the veteran causes.


Anja Hamilton – Dr. Jack Cathie Award – $1000

Angie is the daughter of CWO Michael Hamilton.  She received a bursary in 2015 and continues to pursue her goal in a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies at the University of Toronto.


Cherie Topham – Lady Patricia Award – $1000

Cherie is the daughter of Bruce Topham.  She received bursaries from the Association in both 2014 and 2015.  Cherie is entering her third year of post graduate study in Clinical Psychology at Nova South Eastern University in Florida, USA. She is passionate about issues involving women, children and aboriginal people.


Karis Callaway – Foundation Award – $1000

Karis is an active member of the Calgary MFRC and strong supporter of the Regiment and military.  She is entering her fourth year of PhD studies in Clinical Psychology  at Western Michigan University. Her goal is to provide services and advocacy to the Canadian Armed Forces.


Michael Wickson – Ottawa Branch Award – $1000

Michael is a Captain in 3 PPCLI who is currently on Leave Without Pay so that he can attending the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. He hopes to remain in the military and will apply for Military Legal Training Program.


Alissa Keer – PPCLI Association Award – $1000

Alissa is the daughter of Sgt (Ret’d) Ian Keer and previous recipient of a Student Bursary.   She is a long time resident of Wainwright Alberta  and is attending her second year at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus in Camrose in the Business Management Program.


Paton Manzara – Hamilton Gault – $1000

Paton is the daughter of Capt Angelo Manzara.  She recently graduated from High School and has been accepted to the University of Western Ontario where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in kinesiology with a longer term goal of becoming a nurse.


Kayleigh Poelman – HG – $1000

Kayleigh is the daughter of MCpl (Ret’d) Poelman.  She will be attending the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts in Toronto,  in the Faculty of Musical Theatre.


Maeve Slater – HG – $1000

Maeve is the daughter of LCol (Ret’d) John Slater and is in her 4th year of electrical engineering at the University of Alberta.


Jena McLean – HG – $1000

Jena is the daughter of WO Dan McLean and is in her 3rd year of Arts at Mount Allison University in Nova Scotia,


Delaney Brause – HG – $1000

Delaney is the daughter of Maj Morris Brause and is attending the University of Ottawa in the Social Sciences.


This year the Hamilton Gault Memorial Funds plans to award 13 Student Bursaries for a total of $17,000.  They will consist of two $2,500, two $2,000, two $1,500 and seven $1,000 bursaries.   Bursary applications must be received by the Mike Austdal the Bursary Chair by 15 July 2017.  The Bursary committee will sit prior to 10 August and successful recipients will be notified shortly thereafter.

The Bursary application will be uploaded to facebook and the Association website  Or you can contact Mike Austdal at or Paul Hale at to request an electronic copy.  Applications must be mailed to

PPCLI Student Bursary Chairman

PO Box 3163
Wainwright, AB
T9W 1T1






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