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Crisis Contacts

Operational Stress Injury Social Support: 1-800-883-6094

VAC/CAF Assistance Program 24/7: 1-800-268-7708

P.P.C.L.I... Association - Volunteer Patricia Program (VPP) Gone Digital

The VPP’s goals remain unchanged.

"The Association’s Volunteer Patricia Program (VPP) supports retired and retiring members of the Regiment and their families who need assistance adjusting to changes in their lives and in obtaining support from professional caregivers. The VPP may also assist in the support of units and serving personnel at the request of a unit or RHQ or as a local initiative. The program has been established under Article III.1 of the Association’s Constitution…" (Extract from the VPP Handbook)

Over the past decade many new soldier/veteran-assist programs have been introduced by both the Canadian Forces (CF) and Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC). Further, a number of new civilian-based initiatives have also been initiated to help disabled veterans, permitting many different avenues of assistance. Nonetheless, even with enhanced services provision, VPP continues to serve critical role to all members who have served with the regiment, past and present. The VPP offers yet another channel for assistance and guidance to current and newly developed programs. The VPP has a function to fulfill.

The VPP has gone through significant changes upgrading it to a digital format and interface. The digital world is here for good, forming an integral part of individuals' lives. This is specifically true of the current generation of serving soldiers and future veterans. Hence, VPP is now digital.

Digitization of the VPP is the only means to ensure fast-changing data, contact information, application forms and procedures, etc are kept relatively current. Digitization also permits on-line databasing. Storage and retrieval of various data sets, such as claims procedures, contact information, professional and medical assistance, allowing veterans to manipulate and view data in the manner they want. VPP has its own dedicated sub-domain website,, and will be maintained by the respective Association VPP staff.


CJ ‘Bumpsy’ Wallace, CD


VPP Facilitator


Key Contacts 


  • RVC Cell at PPCLI RHQ - (780) 973-4011 ext 5546

  • The Centre at NDHQ - 1 800 883-6904

  • VAC - 1 866 522-2122

  • Assistance Program - 1 800 268-7708

  • VPP Coords

  • VPP Facilitator -


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