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Extract - overall results of Reaching the Summit for Mental Health and Wellness


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PPCLI Association campout weekend (August 12 to 14 2016)

Cost is $40.00 per person which will cover your camping for the weekend, including Friday night stew starting at (1700 hrs), Saturday, Sunday breakfast and the Saturday night roast beef dinner.

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The PPCLI Serving Component, the PPCLI Association, and the PPCLI Foundation Fundraising MOU


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Buller Mountain Summit Fundraiser

PPCLI Foundation - Extract - overall results of Reaching the Summit for Mental Health and Wellness

VVi 01 Jul 2016


June 25th was a splendid day in so many ways: great weather; 27 climbers, 21 of whom reached the summit of Mount Buller; 16 hikers, all of whom hiked the nearly 16 km to the Summit of Buller Pass; roughly 70 people who attended the Dedication of the Mount Buller Heritage sign unveiling by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable Kent Hehr; and a delicious wilderness barbecue prepared by the Calgary Police Association Barbecue Unit; and the support of our wonderful volunteers, sponsors, donors, guests and participants, especially those from 3rd Battalion PPCLI and 2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps. We did the memory of Lt.-Col. Buller proud by honouring it in such a healthy fashion in a wilderness setting.

There are many photographs of the events (climb, hike, Dedication Ceremony and our Base Camp), which may be viewed at:!AuUKOcKDZW5OgVu0cQ5zmW19YCLB   .

Financially, the Buller Project overall grossed more than $85,000 in cash and another roughly $10,000 of in-kind contributions. As of 30 June our net proceeds are in excess of $70,000. These funds will be used to support veterans and their families dealing with PTSD and other forms of mental illness. In fact, the very first allocation of funds is expected to be a grant of $25,000 to Outward Bound Canada’s Veterans’ Program.  

Outward Bound Canada, a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization, has been running life-changing programs across Canada for almost 50 years. The Veterans' Program offers one-week courses for past and currently serving military men and women across Canada. Many military men and women struggle with the lingering physical and mental impacts of their experiences. They struggle with issues such as depression, isolation, substance abuse, unemployment, family difficulties, self-destructive behaviour, and, in general, challenges with transition and re-integration. OBC's wilderness expeditions for veterans are life-affirming experiences, specially designed to help veterans face their challenges with renewed confidence. While the Veterans' Program is open to anyone that has served in the Canadian Forces, priority is given to applicants who have served on overseas tours and who are experiencing Operational Stress Injuries or self-identified transition challenges. OBC offers this exceptional programming at no cost to participating Veterans (made possible through generous funders). We are pleased to offer support to this program.

Many have asked if we plan on repeating Reaching the Summit for Mental Health and Wellness in 2017 and beyond. The simple and tentative answer is we are certainly considering the possibility, especially in light of the recent decision of the Alberta Legislature to make 27 June PTSD Awareness Day on an annual basis. While there are many organizations to work with we are seriously contemplating a repeat project on 24 June 2017 at the base of Mount Farquhar, named in 1919 to honour the memory of the founding commanding officer of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Barry W. Ashton

PPCLI Association campout weekend (August 12 to 14 2016)

Cost is $40.00 per person which will cover your camping for the weekend, including Friday night stew starting at (1700 hrs), Saturday, Sunday breakfast and the Saturday night roast beef dinner.

  Located at the Heather Brae Hall, go east of Camrose on highway 13 for 10 KM then turn south on highway 56 for 11KM, you will see a road sign saying Heather Brae Hall 3 KM east on Township road 452. We will also have PPCLI markers in place marking the way once you are on highway 56.

Friday 12

Move in and set up. There will be a light meal (stew and buns) available starting around 1700 hrs. The hall will be opened at 1200 hrs. There are washrooms in the hall with hot and cold running water. For those wishing to sleep in the hall there is lots of room in the basement; Remember to bring a cot or air mattress to sleep on. There is a fire pit with lots of wood to burn while talking about the old days. If you play a musical instrument bring it along, or just love to sing along. I know someone will be entertaining in the evening.

Saturday   13

Breakfast starts at 0800 hrs to 0930 hrs (pancake, sausages, eggs and coffee). There will be some fun games during the day for those wishing to join in. If anyone wishes to play golf there is a small 18 hole course nearby were a tee time can be booked with advance notice. At 1800 hrs a roast beef dinner will take place in the hall. Following the dinner we can gather around the old fire pit or just sit inside and listen to music if you wish.

Sunday 14

Breakfast same timing as Saturday. After breakfast you can start your pack up and move out whenever you feel like it we have the site all day .

NOTE I ask you to please let me know if you will be coming and how many so I will be able to get enough food for the weekend.

I will be setting my RV up on Thursday afternoon so if anyone is planning to come early just give me a email or a call.

Contact info        John DeMerchant

Phone numbers H ome 780-373-3445, Cell 780-608-5747 or

Fax         780-373-3403 or    



PPCLI Association Spring Bulletin


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VVi 15 Jun 2016

1. Situation. This year’s Canada Army Run will once again welcome 25,000+ participants from across the country and the world as they run, walk, and roll in this truly unique event held in Ottawa, ON.

2. Aim and Scope of Event. This activity is an important event for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Soldier On, bringing together serving and retired ill/injured CAF members to achieve a higher level of fitness and foster a healthy lifestyle.

3. Method. The Canada Army Run is one of the most inspiring events in the country, where civilians, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel, and runners of all ages and abilities run, walk, and roll together to show their pride as Canadians and as runners. The 5K and half marathon events will take place on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

4. Draft Schedule of Events. Dates to be confirmed.

16 September. Arrival in Ottawa

17 September- events TBC. Invitational pasta dinner / reception

18 September- Canada Army Run

19 September- Departure

5. Participants. The number of Soldier On participants is limited to 50.

a. Minimum eligibility criteria. Any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from across Canada who acquired a permanent physical or mental
health illness or injury while enrolled as a member of the CAF; whether attributable or not to service.

b. All participants must obtain medical clearance from authorized medical personnel to attend. This applies to both serving members and veterans.

c. Event specific criteria. Participants must be able to actively participate in their indicated activity. They must also be comfortable with a high level of social interaction and

d. Deadline for Nomination Forms. Must be received by Soldier On NLT 15 July 2016.

6. Confirmation details.

a. Soldier On Ops will confirm in writing with the participants selected for this activity.

b. An admin instruction will be issued prior to event; ensuring applicants are authorized to participate IAW applicable policies & eligibility criteria.

7. Contact Information.

a. The Event OPI is the primary point of contact for all initial queries for this event. Nomination forms, further information about this event, and any questions about
applying can be obtained from the Soldier On website

b. Event OPI, Soldier On regional Rep, Sgt J. MacIntyre,

c. Soldier On Operations Officer, Capt Ryan Barber,

8. Conclusion. The Canada Army Run is an event which will encourage ill/injured serving CAF personnel and veterans to develop new skills, engage with others while personally challenging themselves.

9. For Action.

a. Please canvass your region, CF Physical Rehab program, RAFS and IPSC VAC LO (for retired pers), for any individuals who would be interested in participating. Submit all
nominations to Event OPI.

b. Nominations must be listed in priority ranking order with first time Soldier On participants ranked higher than those who have attended previous events.

1. Situation. Encore cette année, la Course de l’Armée du Canada accueillera quelque 25 000 participants de partout au pays et ailleurs dans le monde, venus pour courir, marcher ou rouler dans le cadre de cet événement vraiment unique organisé à Ottawa.

2. Objectif. Cette activité est un événement important pour les FAC et Sans limites qui rassembleront des membres des FAC actifs et à la retraite malade / blessé. Ce camp se veut aussi une inspiration et une motivation aux membres, pour les aider dans leur processus de guérison et de réintégration.

3. Méthode. La Course de l’Armée du Canada est l’un des événements les plus inspirants au pays, où civils, membres des Forces armées canadiennes (FAC) et coureurs de tous âges et de tous niveaux se réunissent pour courir, marcher ou rouler ensemble et démontrer leur fierté en tant que Canadiens et coureurs. Le 5 km et le demi-marathon auront lieu le dimanche 18 septembre 2016.

4. Premier jet du calendrier des événements. Dates à confirmer.

16 septembre. Arrive et Ottawa.

17 septembre- events TBC. une réception sur invitation.

18 septembre- la Course de l'Armée du Canada.

19 septembre- Depart.

5. Participants. Le nombre de participants est limité à 50.

a. Critères d’éligibilité minimum de candidatures. Tout membre ou vétéran des FAC ayant acquis une maladie/blessure physique ou mentale permanente ou chronique pendant leur service; attribuable ou non attribuable à leur service.

b. Tous les participants. doivent obtenir le consentement de leur médecin afin de participer à l’activité. Ceci s’applique aux membres en service et à la retraite.

c. Critères spécifiques : Les participants doivent être en mesure de participer activement aux activités. Tous devraient être capables d’interagir dans un environnement social.

d. Date limite pour les formulaires de candidature. Doit être reçu par Sans limites avant le 15 juillet 2016.

6. Confirmation des participants sélectionner.

a. Le représentant régional de Sans limites confirmera par écrit qui sont les participants sélectionnés pour participer à l'activité.

b. De là, nous émettrons une instruction de ralliement et s'assurer que tous les participants sont autorisés à y participer en conformité avec toutes les politiques

7. Information de contacte.

a. Le BPR de l’événement et toutes questions concernant l’application peuvent être obtenues auprès du site web de Sans limites

b. Sans limites représentant régional, Sgt J. MacIntyre,

c. Officier des opérations, Sans limites, Capt Ryan Barber,

8. Conclusion. La Course de l’Armée du Canada est un événement dédier à encouragé les anciens combattants et les membres des FAC malade / blessés à développer de nouvelles compétences et de la confiance.

9. Pour action.

a. S.V.P. solliciter votre région pour des personnes qui souhaitent y participer avec votre programme de réadaptation physique des FAC, Spécialiste en conditionnement physique et les agents de liaisons des Anciens combattants (pour personnes à la retraite). Soumettre toutes les candidatures au BPR de l’événement.

b. Toute nominations doivent être énumérer dans l’ordre de priorités (première fois à un camp d’entrainement).

 Photos Courtesy Debra & Steve

Medavie/Blue Cross Service Provider


General . For treatment benefits see .

Client Payment . Clients of VAC, in possession of their Blue Cross Medavie card and client number, may pay the service provider (doctor, therapist, Psychologist, etc) up front, and then seek reimbursement using the form:

Treatment Benefits/Services - Programs of Choice 1-14

Client Reimbursement Claim Form

VAC form number is VAC91Be (2013-10)* *Note: The issued year for the form may change.

  Mailing address if not completed on line, is on the form.

Service Provider Registration . If a client of VAC is unable to pay up front or prefers to have the service provider, so long as they accept, directly reimbursed from Blue Cross Medavie. The veteran should be prepared to advise or give the service provider a copy of the following steps. These steps are through an Internet connection:

In the Address Bar type: (Please note a service provider cannot goggle these instructions):


·          click on Health Professionals

·          click on in upper right corner the orange Log In

·          click on Register

·          fill in Professional Information

Once completed the service provider should receive an email in 2-4 business days with an approval, or not. A service provider kit will also be provided. =

For more information, see .

Service Provider Payment . Once the service provider has been approved, and notified by Blue Cross Medavie on the VAC client's treatment plan, duration and reimbursement amount for services, after each session with the VAC client, the service provider needs to submit the following form:  

Claim Form for Programs 1, 7, 9, 11, 12 (VAC Only), 13, 14 (CNIB Only)

VAC form number is VAC-026B 10/11* *Note: The issued year for the form may change.

Payment may come in various forms. See .

Other forms for service providers may be found at .

Blue cross Medavie Assistance . If at anytime the Service Provider hits a stumbling block they can call:

1-888-261-4033 , then follow the prompts and a Medavie/Blue Cross Medavie will help.


Leave Your Legacy At Patricia Park

  • Honour the memory of nearly 2,000 Patricia's who have given their lives in the service of the Regiment.

  • Join fellow Patricia's in commemorating your service or that of a friend or relative.

  • Leave a living legacy by helping the PPCLI Foundation support our veterans, soldiers and their families.

You may be interested in learning about the Personal Legacy Stone project at Patricia Park, Edmonton which the PPCLI Foundation introduced last August 2014 with the support of the PPCLI Association. We are reaching out to you to see if you consider leaving a legacy at Patricia Park?  Here’s what people are saying:


“The PPCLI Legacy Stones was an amazing opportunity to have my Patricia brothers and I to be remembered as one for a lifetime. The 11 stones we laid shows the growth and great memories we shared together within the PPCLI. To have our names in stone at Patricia Park and to have the opportunity to bring our children and family there to show them the bond of the Patricia’s is unlike any other.” Sergeant Brad Lowes.


“Thanks, this is a great remembrance for our soldiers. It is such a wonderful thing! We live in Griesbach, my dad was at Ortona, and so our family is very proud that we can purchase a legacy stone with his name.” Dolores Rodrigues. 


“When people see stones that have been requested in honour of or in memory of those who have passed, it will encourage them to think about their own mates who have passed, and perhaps to request one for friends of theirs, or get a group together to place one or more.” Brian Forbes Colgate.


“I am pleased to say that I am very impressed by the Park, and was very moved, especially to see the stone I had placed for my best friend and even more moved to see the stone for Vaughn Ingram who was a very close friend when we were young privates.” James Allen.


The spring installation will be in late May 2015 .  Please see the attached o rder form which includes photos of Patricia Park .


Stones can be ordered for retired or serving members; in memoriam; unit or sub-unit Paver; military friend, civilian friend and corporate friend; and for spouses (with the inscription “We Also Served”).


By ordering a stone, you will be leaving your legacy as well as making a contribution to the Foundation in support of soldiers, the wounded and their families, and families of the fallen. A portion of the paver purchase, $150, is eligible for a charitable tax receipt.


To order a stone, please let me know by May 22, 2015 along with the following details: (1) the name to appear on the stone, (2) the dates of service, (3) your address and phone number and (4) payment method. We accept payment by credit card or a cheque can be mailed to the Foundation office.  


  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for supporting Patricia Park.


S incerely,

Sheila Serup

Manager, PPCLI Foundation

4520 Crowchild Trail SW

Calgary AB T2T 5J4

Ph. 403-410-2340 ext. 2684


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 PPCLI Labeled Wine

The SW Ontario Branch of the Association and Château des Charmes are pleased to announce that you can now purchase PPCLI labelled Sparkling Wine.  

The Brut wine is priced at $26.95 per bottle and the Rose at $32.95.  

Wine Order Form New ...  



Funded jointly by CAFA and ARAC


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100th Regimental Anniversary - Photos


See our Public Website under History...Scrapebook...


Written by military historian David J. Bercuson, the author of a comprehensive history of the Regiment, The Patricia's honours the bravery of those whose commitment to serve Canada has helped to shape the nation.

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Alain Gaudet, 1 Commando in Cyprus 1974, Translation of the book Dien Bien Phu

Open translated version in pdf...

In Their Own Words

Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007

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Association Dress Guidelines

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