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KINTEMPO SOUTH, GHANA - WORLD VISION PROJECT - A project initiated by your webmaster.
Howdy! CJ Wallace here. If I could, for about five minutes of your time, I would like to draw your attention to a project that I initiated.  

I have been a World Vision child sponsor of children in the Kintempo South area of Ghana for a number of years. Currently, I am assisting a child, Jones, from the area, having sponsored him, his family and his village for about three years.

First, why World Vision since I am not much of a religious man? Simply, World Vision’s transparency on how donations are spent is very good, demonstrating that it is one of the top charities that contributes most of the donations to the actual cause.

Second, why Ghana? I grew up in Ghana, living near a military camp in Kumasi, a town not far away from the Kintempo South area. I have many fond memories of this country, its people and its topography.

What is the project? The project that I have initiated, and set up through World Vision, is primarily targeting educational needs in the rural area of Kintempo South, Ghana. Education is the basis to future self-sufficiency. 

There are many far ranging and isolated villages throughout Kintempo South where educational support, including availability of teachers, is minimal. School buildings need to be enlarged, or new schools built, quarters for teachers and their families need to be constructed, and educational tools, such as desks, text books and ordinary PPnS need to be acquired. These are the targets for the donations.

The goal is to raise (Cdn) $15,000.00. It may not sound much for such an ambitious project to us in Canada, but in places like Ghana, where labour is provided by the villagers themselves, this sum of money can achieve much. So I ask, please, give a donation and let’s see a people move forward towards their own self-sufficiency.  

To donate, please go to the World Vision site dedicated to this project:



A pdf copy of this introduction has been prepared and is available at:

World Vision Fundraising Guidelines may be found at: Fundraising Guidelines 2014.pdf

World Vision’s Fundraising Letter of Support to this project may be found at:

http:// of Support.pdf  


Leave Your Legacy At Patricia Park

  • Honour the memory of nearly 2,000 Patricia's who have given their lives in the service of the Regiment.

  • Join fellow Patricia's in commemorating your service or that of a friend or relative.

  • Leave a living legacy by helping the PPCLI Foundation support our veterans, soldiers and their families.

You may be interested in learning about the Personal Legacy Stone project at Patricia Park, Edmonton which the PPCLI Foundation introduced last August 2014 with the support of the PPCLI Association. We are reaching out to you to see if you consider leaving a legacy at Patricia Park?  Here’s what people are saying:


“The PPCLI Legacy Stones was an amazing opportunity to have my Patricia brothers and I to be remembered as one for a lifetime. The 11 stones we laid shows the growth and great memories we shared together within the PPCLI. To have our names in stone at Patricia Park and to have the opportunity to bring our children and family there to show them the bond of the Patricia’s is unlike any other.” Sergeant Brad Lowes.


“Thanks, this is a great remembrance for our soldiers. It is such a wonderful thing! We live in Griesbach, my dad was at Ortona, and so our family is very proud that we can purchase a legacy stone with his name.” Dolores Rodrigues. 


“When people see stones that have been requested in honour of or in memory of those who have passed, it will encourage them to think about their own mates who have passed, and perhaps to request one for friends of theirs, or get a group together to place one or more.” Brian Forbes Colgate.


“I am pleased to say that I am very impressed by the Park, and was very moved, especially to see the stone I had placed for my best friend and even more moved to see the stone for Vaughn Ingram who was a very close friend when we were young privates.” James Allen.


The spring installation will be in late May 2015 .  Please see the attached o rder form which includes photos of Patricia Park .


Stones can be ordered for retired or serving members; in memoriam; unit or sub-unit Paver; military friend, civilian friend and corporate friend; and for spouses (with the inscription “We Also Served”).


By ordering a stone, you will be leaving your legacy as well as making a contribution to the Foundation in support of soldiers, the wounded and their families, and families of the fallen. A portion of the paver purchase, $150, is eligible for a charitable tax receipt.


To order a stone, please let me know by May 22, 2015 along with the following details: (1) the name to appear on the stone, (2) the dates of service, (3) your address and phone number and (4) payment method. We accept payment by credit card or a cheque can be mailed to the Foundation office.  


  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for supporting Patricia Park.


S incerely,

Sheila Serup

Manager, PPCLI Foundation

4520 Crowchild Trail SW

Calgary AB T2T 5J4

Ph. 403-410-2340 ext. 2684


See brochure and order form....


PPCLI wine

Are you looking for a unique Christmas present?   You may wish to consider ordering some PPCLI Wine from Château des Charmes.   Ordering the wine is simple.   Use the attached order form and contact Michele Bosc at her email   or by phone at 1-800-263-2541 ext 226.

The wines are a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon at $14.95 per bottle. This is a mouth water black cherry, dark chocolate with a bit of spice and will keep well for the next few years.

The second wine is 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay for $12.95 per bottle.   This is fresh, crisp wine with notes of apple and pineapple.  

Shipping is a bit extra, but Château des Charmes will ship direct to your door.   The wine can be delivered within Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC.

 PPCLI Labeled Wine

The SW Ontario Branch of the Association and Château des Charmes are pleased to announce that you can now purchase PPCLI labelled Sparkling Wine.  

The Brut wine is priced at $26.95 per bottle and the Rose at $32.95.  

Wine Order Form New ...  

CTV News Broadcast - GoFundMe Donations

Dear Jumpers:

I received this very sad news from the grandfather of Alyssa who lost both arms and also both legs to a rare infection. The grandfather is a well known AB soldier. His name is MWO (Ret) Phil Sippley who served with AB HQ & Sigs QM from 73 to 76, AB School and with the Sky Hawks 82 to 86. Attached find the link with video   It is a heart breaking story.

Any one that can help the poor little girl for a better life in the future, it will be appreciated.  Donations can be made on line.  I have already made a personal donation on the GoFundMe page....

As always...

Fair winds and soft landings,

Airborne!  Joe


( CTV National News: A rare complication ) 9-year-old girl loses arms, legs after severe strep throat infection!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_150/image.jpg

An outpouring of generosity helps a young girl who lost her arms and legs to a rare infection. Amanda Debison report



Funded jointly by CAFA and ARAC


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100th Regimental Anniversary - Photos


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Written by military historian David J. Bercuson, the author of a comprehensive history of the Regiment, The Patricia's honours the bravery of those whose commitment to serve Canada has helped to shape the nation.

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Alain Gaudet, 1 Commando in Cyprus 1974, Translation of the book Dien Bien Phu

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In Their Own Words

Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007

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Association Dress Guidelines

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