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100th Regimental Anniversary Edmonton - New Photos


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CinC 100th Regimental Birthday Message


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COR 100th Regimental Birthday Message

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 PPCLI Labeled Wine

The SW Ontario Branch of the Association and Château des Charmes are pleased to announce that you can now purchase PPCLI labelled Sparkling Wine.  

The Brut wine is priced at $26.95 per bottle and the Rose at $32.95.  

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100th Info


Sirs, Gents,


From BGen (Ret’d) Kennedy and the Public Information Steering Committee (PISC)


For widest distribution, please.


“Much information is now available on the social media sites developed or being used for dissemination of anniversary-related materials. The info is largely generated by Grant Cree (our TwittererSupremo), Karen Storwick and others in the Anniversary Office PA cell.


Twitter.  Flickr.  Facebook.  You can easily monitor the Regiment’s 100th Anniversary activities on these social media sites to keep in the loop with regular updates.  When you follow Twitter, you will have hourly event coverage throughout the Edmonton and Ottawa Commemorations and every day of the Memorial Baton Relay.  If you have not joined Twitter yet - it is free and easy, and when you first sign up you will be asked to include several sites to follow - include the one below for the 100th.  Please re-tweet to all your friends. When you visit Flickr you see the fabulous online photo and video gallery.  As well,  Facebook enables you to connect with thousands of friends you haven’t seen in years, and much info circulates there - please repost info on your own Facebook sites. By re-tweeting, liking and re-posting, you will help reach all Canadians.  


Websites. Visit the Regiment’s website ( – at the bottom right corner you’ll see the  social media symbols - you can click on them.  Or click on the “100th Anniversary” tab for commemoration details.  


For your convenience, here’s the direct PPCLI social media links:


[Plus:     ...@ppcliassoc ]  

Blogspot.  In addition to these, there is a new blogspot at  .  This will provide articles and other information of a less immediate nature.  When you first visit the site, you can add your e-mail address for automatic notification of new posts at the upper right hand corner. It will then take you through a simple and short registration page.


Please disseminate widely, and feel free to cut and paste the main content of this message to web sites you administer or can comment on.


Vince Kennedy”



Funded jointly by CAFA and ARAC


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Latest (VVi) Periodical

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PPCLI Foundation Update Apr 2014

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PPCLI Association Spring Bulletin 2014

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Written by military historian David J. Bercuson, the author of a comprehensive history of the Regiment, The Patricia's honours the bravery of those whose commitment to serve Canada has helped to shape the nation.

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Alain Gaudet, 1 Commando in Cyprus 1974, Translation of the book Dien Bien Phu

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In Their Own Words

Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007

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