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  Personal Legacy stones

Personal Legacy stones are here. Thanks to the efforts of Malcolm Bruce and his team, you can now leave a lasting legacy as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations.  There are only 1000 stones available. The stones are self financing so the costs of engraving and installation are included in the cost. The remainder of the funds will go to financing other worthwhile endeavors, including finishing the park.  

Please follow for more information on how to purchase your stone. I would ask that this be given the widest distribution possible.



Michael Austdal

Secretary PPCLI Association

"Always a Patricia"

PPCLI Association Spring Bulletin 2014

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2014 Heroes Hockey Challenge in Edmonton

PPCLI Association Newsletter Fall-Winter 2013

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In Memory Of Niel Gow


 PPCLI Labeled Wine

The SW Ontario Branch of the Association and Ch√Ęteau des Charmes are pleased to announce that you can now purchase PPCLI labelled Sparkling Wine.  

The Brut wine is priced at $26.95 per bottle and the Rose at $32.95.  

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PPCLI Painting - Joe Green's Private Initiative 

What follows is an extract of his message requesting individual memorabilia.


Subject: Painting

I wanted to let you all know I am painting a large 8'x4' painting of the Colours of the Patricia's. I want to present it to the Patricia's for their 100th this summer and I would like to offer you all, if you like, the opportunity to donate if you wish, any badges, flashing or medals, anything you wish, that I can place onto the back of the painting. I wanted to extend this offer to you all and by extension, anyone else you wish, who you all think merits this honour. I'll have close to $1000 worth of oil paint on it and it is my hope that it will reside with the Regiment for eternity of Canadian history as my flag painting is in the House of Commons.

If you wish, I can include anything you wish, even a letter which I can glue onto the back of the canvas. Think of it as an eternal time capsule, so when all of us are long dead, in hundreds of years from now, as new Patricia's look at it or on the back, they can see your contribution. There is no pressure of any kind, I just wanted to offer this up because , you all mean the world to me and only those with the highest pedigree of honour are invited into this circle. If there are any others you think would like to contribute, please let them know.

The outside edge colours I'm still working on and it will have more maroon and blue. This painting as it is now, is very heavy.
I wanted to also thank each and every one of you all for your contributions and service to Canada.
This painting is a gift from me, our family and on behalf of all Canadians as a gift to the Patricia's.

This painting will be a masterpiece when I am finished with it and I hope it is received with as much love as with how its been created.

All the best my friends.



Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA) AGM 2-4 May 14  

The CAFA AGM will be held in Trenton, ON on the weekend 2-4 May 2014.  Details are in the attached.  Please circulate to your members so they are aware of it and have the opportunity to attend if they choose to do so.  Dave Pentney 14feb_Agenda_AGM_03May14.pdf 



Funded jointly by CAFA and ARAC


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70th Anniversary D-Day/Cdn Abn Memorial Cairn Events - SIFFLEUR 06 Jun 2014

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2 PPCLI Ceremonial Dates

Due to delays in producing the new 2 PPCLI Colours, and with the consent of the Colonel of the Regiment and the Guard President, 2 PPCLI ceremonial dates have been adjusted as follows:

*    Fri, 9 May 14.  Regimental building naming ceremony, de-linked from the presentation of new 2 PPCLI Colours by HEGG.  Individual buildings within the Kapyong Barracks complex will be named in honour of Col Jim Stone (CO), WO1 Les Grimes (RSM) and Pte Wayne Mitchell (DCM).  The CinC, COR and Comd 1 CMBG are confirmed for this event.  2 PPCLI invites will be released NLT 6 Dec 13.

*    Fri, 27 Jun 14.  2 PPCLI freedom of the city of Winnipeg, replacing the event previously scheduled for 16 May 14.  Both the Mayor and the Chief of Police are confirmed.

*    Date TBC.  Once DHH confirms receipt of the new 2 PPCLI Colours, the presentation date will be set based on the availability of the HEGG, CinC, COR, Guard President and the CoC.  A potential scheduling option is Sat, 25 Apr 15, namely the 64th anniversary of Kapyong.

*    Date TBC.  Once the new 2 PPCLI Colours are received, a date will be set for 2 PPCLI to lay up our Regimental Colour in the Beechwood Hall of Colours based on the availability of the CinC, COR and Guard President.

Support to other centennial activities, to include 2 PPCLI participation to the Regimental trooping at the Edmonton Commemoration, has not been impacted.  2 PPCLI will coordinate the release of all event invites through higher HQs commensurate with established protocols.

R.T. Ritchie


Written by military historian David J. Bercuson, the author of a comprehensive history of the Regiment, The Patricia's honours the bravery of those whose commitment to serve Canada has helped to shape the nation.

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Alain Gaudet, 1 Commando in Cyprus 1974, Translation of the book Dien Bien Phu

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In Their Own Words

Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007

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