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Invitation PPCLI MBR Gala Dinner 15 August 2014


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PPCLI MBR Event Calgary 15-16 August 2014

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Art Gallery of Alberta to Host Group Exhibition in Honour of PPCLI 100th Anniversary  

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Ride Or Drive To Edmonton, 100th Celebration of the PPCLI

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PPCLI 100th Video



Invitation PPCLI MBR Gala Dinner 15 August 2014


Mr. Rob Sanders


“Stand Proud” – PTSD Awareness and Support Society


Dear Rob,


It was a pleasure to speak with you and to learn something of your personal journey with PTSD.


As we discussed, I reviewed the information you sent to Sheila Serup regarding the 1st Annual “Stand Proud” – PTSD Awareness and Fundraising Concert planned for the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on 10 January 2015 and appreciate the elaboration you were able to provide. This is a very worthwhile cause and one the Foundation could support. Unfortunately, our support would be limited to assistance with the promotion of the event, due to the fact that as a CRA registered charity we are limited in our ability to provide cash gifts. Cash gifts may only be provided to CRA registered charities (or ‘eligible donees’ using CRA terminology). We can support programs related to our charitable purposes such as the equine or canine therapy for PTSD sufferers, or transition programs. In these cases, we deal directly with the organization involved, not through third parties.


I encourage you to complete the development of your website. This is a powerful tool for communication and potential sponsors will want to use it as a part of their due diligence.


As we discussed, there may be an opportunity to promote “Stand Proud” – PTSD Awareness and Support Society at the PPCLI 100th Anniversary Memorial Baton Relay Dinner being held at Mewata Armoury on Friday, 15 August. Details about the event are included in the attached invitation. The event is open to the public.


Let’s stay in touch and explore ideas about how the Foundation can be of assistance in the promotion of your event and improved awareness of PTSD.


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Best regards,


Barry Ashton


(403) 698-5789


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PPCLI Foundation Executive Director - WANTED


The PPCLI Foundation is seeking a motivated, self-starting individual to be the Executive Director of the Foundation. He or she will be fully responsible for the success of the Foundation through its operation and overall day to day management. The Executive Director is to report to the Board of Trustees through the President and Executive Committee .


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Funded jointly by CAFA and ARAC


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Hand Made Pewter 100th PPCLI Artifacts by W.J. (Marty) Martindale

Fellow Patricia's and members of the Regimental Family,

Thank you for your interest in my hand made pewter artifacts.

I understand that this is lengthy Folks but please read and understand all of the following before you decide to purchase. This is a tried and proven system that I have
developed and it works from my point of view. It has resulted less frustrations for you the customer and me.
The 100th Anniversary Badge Limited Editions project will end on 31 September 2014.

The following are the current information, terms and conditions for the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Badge and the Dual Joined Limited Edition Badge now available. These prices are subject to change, only in the event that materials re-supply prices increase. The prices are as low as I can to make them and as affordable as possible. The price is the same if you buy one or multiple pieces. Prices do not include shipping or insurance. 

Upon receiving your package, it is advised that the parcel be inspected in front of a Canada Post Representative, especially if there is any obvious damage to the parcel. Be aware that if there is damage, it is the responsibility of "you" the "owner" to start the damage claim. You must sign to receive your package. Do not sign for damaged goods. You can request that it be opened in front of a Canada Post Member to inspect for damage.


The 100th Anniversary Badge
Approx. -- 14 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches high.
The 100th Anniversary Badge is painted with enamel paints.

The Dual Joined Badge
Approx. 11 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches high.
The Dual Joined Badge is painted with enamel paints or may be left in natural pewter which will age off in time to a grey to black natural patina.


Handmade Rustic Sand Cast Pewter 100th Anniversary Limited Edition PPCLI Badges
Cost for the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Officer or Enlisted Rank coloured badge, is $258.00 each.
Please note that the 100th Anniversary Badge will not be sold in natural pewter.

Cost for the limited edition dual joined Officer or Enlisted Rank coloured badge, is $246.00 each.

Cost for the dual joined limited edition, bald natural patina pewter badge, is $230.00 each.

The cost includes all handling and packaging, but does not cover postage or insurance. This will vary by region and will be an added expense.


Payments can be made by Money Order, Certified Cheque, or E-Transfer, only.

  • Do not send cash.

  • Do not overpay.

  • Do not pay in advance. Unless requested by me.

  • Do not pay anyone other than me.

Due to previous negative experiences, I will not deal with Pay Pal or accept personnel cheques and I will not send packages COD. If you wish to talk to a previous customer who has purchased any of my works they can be contacted anywhere on the PPCLI Forums, Association, or Face book pages. Simply make a request and I am sure someone will answer you or guide you to someone who will.

How to care for your plaques

Treat pewter as you would fine China. Even though it is metal it is fragile and will break if dropped. To clean your pewter artifact, simply wipe with a soft warm damp cloth. Do not use harsh scrubbers or abrasives. Let air dry. This artifact was meant to be placed on tripod stands, such as is available for collector plates. Mounting this piece onto a backboard or into a shadow box can be achieved by using clear plastic mirror mounting clips. Use at least four, but six will ensure a better hold as these pieces are heavy. Both tripod mounts and mirror clips can be found in most hardware stores, craft stores, or hobby suppliers. I do not supply these as they will increase the packaging size, resulting in higher costs to the you the buyer. 

How to save on the expenses

E-transfer payment, to my knowledge, is low cost and is easy to set up at your local bank and takes very little time. Shipping is expensive, but if you find anyone else who wishes to purchase in your area, team up, ensure payment and have the items shipped together to one address. Combined shipping costs less, up to certain weights, of course. Any arrangement and securities as mentioned above are the responsibility of those involved. Combined e-mails will keep everyone up to date on such arrangements.

If you ask for a piece to be made, you will be contacted when the process starts. I request that you acknowledge emails to ensure, and confirm, that the items ordered are correct. Once the badge has been completed, you will be contacted to keep you updated and to confirm the shipping instructions. It is at this time that payment will be requested. If you do not reply within 10 days, to the request for payment then the item will be sold to the next customer. If you decide not to purchase after you have ordered an item, not a problem but please let me know.

In order to keep being able to purchase material for future badges I must have sales. It is the only way the wheels of the bus keep turning. I do not keep a stock accordingly they are only made when I receive an order.


The 100th Anniversary Badge Limited Editions project will end on 31 September 2014.

Orders are by e-mail only. Please use an e-mail address that belongs to you.

When ordering, please ensure to that you include your correct mailing address. If you wish to know about shipping costs, before ordering, please let me know o and I will be more than happy to supply that information to you. Shipping prices change constantly and can pose some difficulty. I will confirm shipping and insurance costs just prior to the final request for payment. There could be a slight change either way by the time payment is received but has never been a "wild swing" so to speak either way.

If you wish to confirm an order, you can do so by landline. I can be reached at 1-204-822-3560.


Please understand that you are purchasing from me as you would from any store or outlet. The expense of travel to and from any
establishment involving a return is out of your pocket.
Shipping costs are the equivalent of your travel.
Please ensure to seek out anyone that may have purchased from me in the past to get their opinion of my artwork before you purchase.

If you wish further information on any item I have made or wish to venture into custom handmade items either for yourself or for someone else or if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at 

Thank you for your interest,

W.J. (Marty) Martindale
Once a Patricia - Always a Patricia


Personal Legacy Stones

Personal Legacy stones are here. Thanks to the efforts of Malcolm Bruce and his team, you can now leave a lasting legacy as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations.  There are only 1000 stones available. The stones are self financing so the costs of engraving and installation are included in the cost. The remainder of the funds will go to financing other worthwhile endeavors, including finishing the park.  

Please follow for more information on how to purchase your stone. I would ask that this be given the widest distribution possible.



Michael Austdal

Secretary PPCLI Association

"Always a Patricia"


 PPCLI Labeled Wine

The SW Ontario Branch of the Association and Château des Charmes are pleased to announce that you can now purchase PPCLI labelled Sparkling Wine.  

The Brut wine is priced at $26.95 per bottle and the Rose at $32.95.  

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  Ri de Or Drive To Edmonton, 100th Celebration of the PPCLI

Calgary is the start point -  CFB Edmonton is the destination


PPCLI Foundation Update Apr 2014

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PPCLI Association Spring Bulletin 2014

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World War I Story Boards - By 'Ed Hood' 


In Memory Of Niel Gow


PPCLI Painting - Joe Green's Private Initiative 

What follows is an extract of his message requesting individual memorabilia.


Subject: Painting

I wanted to let you all know I am painting a large 8'x4' painting of the Colours of the Patricia's. I want to present it to the Patricia's for their 100th this summer and I would like to offer you all, if you like, the opportunity to donate if you wish, any badges, flashing or medals, anything you wish, that I can place onto the back of the painting. I wanted to extend this offer to you all and by extension, anyone else you wish, who you all think merits this honour. I'll have close to $1000 worth of oil paint on it and it is my hope that it will reside with the Regiment for eternity of Canadian history as my flag painting is in the House of Commons.

If you wish, I can include anything you wish, even a letter which I can glue onto the back of the canvas. Think of it as an eternal time capsule, so when all of us are long dead, in hundreds of years from now, as new Patricia's look at it or on the back, they can see your contribution. There is no pressure of any kind, I just wanted to offer this up because , you all mean the world to me and only those with the highest pedigree of honour are invited into this circle. If there are any others you think would like to contribute, please let them know.

The outside edge colours I'm still working on and it will have more maroon and blue. This painting as it is now, is very heavy.
I wanted to also thank each and every one of you all for your contributions and service to Canada.
This painting is a gift from me, our family and on behalf of all Canadians as a gift to the Patricia's.

This painting will be a masterpiece when I am finished with it and I hope it is received with as much love as with how its been created.

All the best my friends.


Written by military historian David J. Bercuson, the author of a comprehensive history of the Regiment, The Patricia's honours the bravery of those whose commitment to serve Canada has helped to shape the nation.

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Alain Gaudet, 1 Commando in Cyprus 1974, Translation of the book Dien Bien Phu

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In Their Own Words

Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007

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