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The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. 

The purpose of the PPCLI Association is to support the interests of the Regiment through the fulfillment of a number of Objects, all relating to maintenance of the close comradeship, mutual regard, support and assistance, and esprit de corps formed while serving or associated with the Regiment. 

There of two Classes of Membership in the Association: 

  • Members (voting) are those who are or were members of the Regiment; who are serving, or served with, the Regiment; and their spouses. 

  • Supporting Members (non-voting) are descendants or parents of those eligible to be Members, or those who make a significant contribution to the Association. 


Across Canada, there are 14 Branches of the Association, and there is also a virtual branch of e-Members who do not belong to a geographic Branch. The largest Branches are in areas close to the current or former location of units of the Regiment. Members and Supporting Members may belong to a Branch of the Association, or they may be e-Members. Branches may have Associate Members who are neither Members nor Supporting members of the PPCLI Association, but are associated only with the Branch.


Once a Patricia, always a Patricia!

Application for Membership


There is a Section of the website entitled Membership Information which has a full description of the Membership structure of the PPCLI Association. Go to Membership Information...


In almost every case, it is not necessary that a prospective Member be aware of all these details—all that most will need is the descriptions of Members and Supporting Members, above, and the fact that one may belong to either one of the geographic Branches or you may belong to the virtual e-Branch, as an e-Member.


Unless you are interested in the detail of Association Membership rules now, it is suggested that you either scan through it, or continue with “Joining the Association”.



Joining the Association


There are five steps to joining the Association as a Member or as a Supporting Member. Go to the Membership Application...


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